Day 1: Dear Mornings, Go Crawl Into a Hole and Die

Day 1: Dear Mornings, Go Crawl Into a Hole and DieDay 1: Dear Mornings, Go Crawl Into a Hole and Die

I am endeavoring to keep track of my excursion into tackling my autoimmune disease and generally get healthier. I’ve never been healthy, so I can’t say I’m getting healthy, because it’s a state I’ve never been in, nor will I ever be, I don’t think. I’ve had to start the AIP protocol, or the autoimmune Paleo protocol. It’s like Paleo, but with a lot more restrictions, mainly restricted of food which can cause inflammation flare-ups for people with autoimmune disorders.

So far, it sucks.

I’m all about trying to get healthy. I’m all about treating myself better and living healthier, but today has sucked. The morning sucked the worst.

I put a fair amount of effort into this yesterday, by cooking, yesterday, getting my lunch ready, yesterday, setting my pills out, yesterday–none of this really prepared me for today, well it did, but I don’t know that it helped a whole lot.

I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep because for some weird reason I was hot. Then I had a weird dream about my best friend from high school. Then When I did get up, my stomach was upset and I generally felt like crap. I did not feel like eating the breakfast I had prepared, yesterday. I ate a couple of bites of it, part of the chicken, and none of the vegetables and mushrooms I had set aside, just for breakfast.

I made it to work, feeling like a run-down old dog and I didn’t really feel like eating a snack. I kind of had a long lunch, as I worked at my computer. My lunch was snap peas, mushrooms, a couple of baby carrots, a little bit of cauliflower, a little bit of broccoli, half of a beef patty, and some coconut sauce I made yesterday, for dipping.

Let me tell you about that coconut sauce–the recipe calls for four cups of flaked, dried coconut, some salt, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. You’re supposed to put all of this in your food processor and it’s magically supposed to turn into a creamy substance known as coconut butter, or coconut concentrate. Well, it takes more than a tablespoon of coconut oil to make this happen. The oil should also be melted. Without enough oil, you’re pretty much just spinning dried coconut around your food processor and it never really goes anywhere. There is a chance my coconut could have been too dry.

Later, you mix your coconut concentrate with some other stuff, lemon juice, vinegar, dill, some water–then you blend that, and that’s your sauce. It’s supposed to be sort of like ranch; it’s not ranch, but it’s not that bad. I did find that once I had cooled it in the fridge, it turned from a liquid, into a solid. It still works though. Broccoli can still penetrate it.

In addition to the food drama–I’ve drunk over a hundred ounces of water today, so far. I feel like a water faucet. Just wait a few minutes and I’ll have to pee. I don’t understand how anyone accomplishes anything while having to pee so much.

I was foggy at work. My head kind of hurt. I also had restless leg, while I was sitting at my desk. I suppose this is from a lack of caffeine, or something in my new supplements.

I came home, hoping to take a quick nap–nope. The darn dog has to bark at every f***ing thing that may or may not exist outside of the house. I have absolutely no idea what he’s barking at. It could be a squirrel, or it could be the Pope knocking at the door. I don’t know. I don’t care. I just want him to shut up. Please quit barking, nothing is out there that is genuinely important enough to bark at.

So all in all, I’ve made it, but I feel very low. It doesn’t help matters that I’ve seemed to have hurt my left hip. People might have noticed I’ve walked with a slight limp today.

Maybe tomorrow will be better, but I doubt it, because there is always a detoxification period in eating changes like this.Your body gets pissed off at you for making a change and everything is pretty awful for a while. So, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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