Papasan Chairs, the Addams Family, and a Cold

Papasan Chairs, the Addams Family, and a ColdPapasan Chairs, the Addams Family, and a Cold

The past couple of months or so have been really crazy for me, like seriously, awful crazy. I’ve had to get divorced, sell my house, move, work a big event at work, and go on a business trip. There have also been assorted doctor’s appointments thrown in along the way, on multiple days. I’ve taken more vacation time and sick time in the past couple of months than I have in a while.

I did manage to do a project.

I went to the thrift shop one day, on a day I was actually supposed to go out that same night. In the thrift shop, I saw two papasan chairs and a stool. I really like papasan chairs and I had nowhere to sit, so I asked how much they were. The guy there gave them all to me for twenty-five dollars. The whole deal.

The problem was that they didn’t exactly fit in my car on first try. They wouldn’t fit in the trunk, even if I folded the seats down. I almost thought I wasn’t going to get them home, but then I stuck them in the back door and pushed, and pushed, and pushed and finally they just kind of popped into my car. During this whole thing the thrift shop guy was watching me push papasan chair bowls into the backseat of my car. It was kind of odd, but whatever.

I took the chairs home and dumped them in my living room because I was actually supposed to be going out that night.

A nice guy took me to Greenville and we watched a musical about The Addams family. It was pretty great. The particularly theater company, Center Stage, used video mapping as part of the set. There were traditional props as well, but the video mapping was nifty. The play was very good, so kudos to all the actors, and also, whoever did that video mapping. That was impressive.

Just a side note, if you do go to Center Stage and see a play using video mapping, sit more towards the middle because it’s difficult to see on the side.

After my date, I went back to my house. The next day was crafting day for me. I had to tackle the chairs.

Papasan Chairs, the Addams Family, and a Cold

I decided to spray paint them blue. Do you know how much paint this took?! It took at least four bottles of spray paint. FOUR! Someone else may have a better way of painting stuff like this, but I used at least four bottles of spray paint.

The big dilemma over this whole thing was cushions. Papasan cushions are expensive. I got the bright idea to make them myself, and it mostly works.

I ordered a big box of foam pieces from Amazon, which you can do. I found fleece throw blankets at Wal-mart to use as my fabric and I set to work.

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As you can see, I have cushions now. Each side is a different pattern, because I couldn’t find a good combination of patterns, so if you don’t like it, that’s your problem. The throws are 50″ X 60″ and if I had this to do over again, I would use a bigger piece of fabric. I would probably go for 60″ X 60″ or even 70″ X 70″. This size of fabric creates a cushion narrower than the frame. It still works to sit on, it’s just not as pretty as I would like.

Filling these cushions was awful. The foam stuck to everything. EVERYTHING. The cat kept coming into the room and getting into stuff. You can see her investigating in one of the photos. I swept foam up for days after this. Foam here. Foam there. Foam in my underwear, well, not there, but you get the picture. It’s like when you go to the beach and you still find sand in your underwear four months later and you didn’t even take those underwear to the beach.

I tried to funnel the foam into the cushion shells with the bag, but it didn’t work very well. Foam was just sticking to me from all over. I finally got the cushions sewed up and then I tufted them.

Tufting cushions gives them a bit more firmness than they would usually have were they not tufted; it also looks nice. Tufting is not hard, but you need a big needle and strong fingers. I used yarn to tuft my cushions, probably not the best choice, but it worked.

The next thing I wanted to do with my cushions was to make covers. I ordered cheap mandala wall hangings and zippers. I ended up being awfully sick though. I got an awful cold-throat sort of thing. I was miserable. I felt so awful. I was just stuck at home all weekend, feeling puny.

I watched an entire season of a show about people who lived in interesting houses. Some guy got mad at me because I wasn’t giving him my full attention when I was sick, but whatever.

That Sunday, I finally felt well enough to do a little bit of work. I decided to make the covers for my papasan cushions. I wanted to make cushion covers so I could swap them out easy and wash them easy. I chose red mandala patterns and blue mandala patterns.

The tapestry wall hangings are actually cheap as far as fabric goes and is sturdier than you would think. It’s actually a great buy for the amount of fabric that you get. So keep that in mind when you have projects to do. I added a zipper as well because I wasn’t going to seam rip the covers every time I wanted to wash them or change them.

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Getting the cushion in was the hardest part. I rolled it up like a giant colorful burrito and then straddled it like I was trying to ride one of those fake bar bulls, and slowly got the cushion into the cover and zipped it up.

The results are what you see.

One side is red and the other side is blue, so I can change my mind, if I want, about the overall feeling I want to put off.

I haven’t gotten to making a cushion for the foot stool yet, but I will.

I ended up making two papasan cushions for around the same price as one papasan cushion would cost.

Keep in mind–if you use that foam, it will get everywhere, your children’s children will find it, still, lingering around, and clinging to everything with static electricity so strong, it’s almost satanic.