It’s Done

It's DoneIt’s Done

So, it’s finally done; I’m divorced; I’m free!

Divorce day finally came after over a year of torture and hardship. I’m tired of the nasty emails. I’m tired of being blamed for everything. I’m tired of the fight. It’s all over now. My house is going to be sold. Hooray!

It’s a bit sad to leave my life as it was, but it’s time to move on. I can be Ashe instead of having to worry about being the Ashe that will not attract blame and mental manipulation.

I bought a dress to wear to court. It’s pretty. I don’t know what in the heck kind of dress it had been, marked at $119, but I’m glad it was only $25.

divorce dress 2 Divorce dress

The dress was navy and nude colored and I really liked it.

parsleyI got dressed that morning and waited on my mother. Who was also bringing me something else. A kitten. My new kitten is named Parsley. She was the last kitten alive from a litter of kittens that my mom’s outside cat, Cleo, had.

I was actually visiting that weekend the kittens were born. It was Easter weekend. The kittens were born on Easter. One kitten died right away, and a subsequent kitten died each of the next couple of days, until there was only this calico ball of fluff left. She is quiet as far as kittens go and seems to get along just fine, although Cocoa is scared of her.

My grandmother came up as well. She stayed at my house while my mom and I went to court. Court did not take very long and soon I will resume my maiden name, hooray!

After court, I went with my mother and grandmother to look at a loft. I will soon be living loft-style in an old mill. Let me tell you something, the place I live in needs a heck of a lot more housing. Everything is filled up to the brim. I would call one place and they would have nothing. I would call another and they would have something, but it would get snapped up lickety-split.

I had originally looked at a one bedroom at the mill, but it got snapped up too. So I looked at a two bedroom. It’s a little more than I wanted to spend, but not unreasonable for what all I’m getting.

I get a two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartment, tall windows, indoor parking, a gated entry, a gym, a clubhouse, elevators to my third-floor apartment, a good-sized kitchen for an apartment, included trash, water, sewer, cable, and security, and pest control. I have to pay internet and electricity separately, but really, no big deal here.

I wasn’t paying as much for my mortgage payment, but my mortgage payment included absolutely nothing except taxes and insurance on the house. I still had to pay taxes on the rest of the property, which amounted to around $100 a month if I evened it out over the year, electricity, which could be around $250, internet, trash, maintenance for whatever came up, like the well-pump that one time, and whatever other expenses came up. It had gotten impossible for me to take care of the lawn. The house, although I really liked it, was just too much for one person to take care of. Even if I had been able to refinance it on my own, I could have never taken care of it. It’s a sad day to sell something that I thought I would make my life in, but there are brighter things on the horizon.

nomoreringGetting back, after my mother and grandmother went home, I went and picked up some presents for a friend’s birthday and had a good evening. I decided to wear my engagement ring on my right hand as a statement ring today, and boy is it a statement!

It’s the last time I will ever wear it and, honestly, it’s probably going to get sold.

I don’t belong to anybody now. I have my extended family and my friends, who have all been there for me a million times over throughout this entire ordeal. I know I’m worth something, contrary to what someone might have thought.

So here’s to the next year, where I’ll be doing projects, making artwork, making friends, dating, living in a loft, and prancing around listening to music in mismatched pajamas.


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