A Purple Limo Peels Out at a Stop Light

A Purple Limo Peels Out at a Stop Light A Purple Limo Peels Out at a Stop Light

I see some strange stuff when I’m out and about. Maybe I’m just more observant than the regular person, but…gosh, some of the stuff I see and observations I make…true life is stranger than fiction, at least that’s what they say, whoever they is.

Saturday, I was shopping. I was driving down one of the main roads in town when I see a purple limo. It has a custom paint job. There are little bolts of lightning painted on the back. The windows are tinted, of course. It’s in the lane to the left of me at a stop light. The light is red. The light turns red and that limo spun tires. There was a black patch of tire rubber a hundred feet long on the road, no joke. I could smell burnt tires in the air.

Is this normal? I mean, seriously, limos although not a common sight, aren’t exactly that out of the ordinary, but purple limos with custom paint jobs? Purple limos with custom paint jobs peeling out at a stoplight?

Do other people ignore this stuff?

On that very same day, I believe, I saw a guy riding a motorcycle, but he wasn’t sitting upright, he was lying on his belly and his feet were extended out behind him into the air. He didn’t really look distressed so I guess he meant to do it.

I also make interesting observations when I’m out. For instance, at Hobby Lobby, there’s a sign that says not to take merchandise into the bathroom. I know it’s to prevent shoplifting, but I want to believe that they’ve had problems with people crafting in the bathrooms.

“Gosh Darnit!! Someone knitted the stall doors shut again!!”

“Another hot-glued toilet paper sculpture?!”

“Who carved up our soap?!”

“Really?! A silk flower archway over each stall?!”

“When will they ever learn? Crafting and bathrooms don’t mix…”

The other day, as I was waiting to meet up with a friend, I went to Joann’s. There were frogs doing yoga there! Seriously, why are the frogs doing yoga? Why do frogs need to do yoga? They’re already pretty flexible as it is without doing yoga. Of all the things I would want in my house, apparently, I need frogs doing yoga. There was also a cat doing yoga. Look, cats are acrobatic enough as it is, they don’t need to be doing yoga.

Look, the world is full of all kinds of crazy stuff, even if you’re just going shopping.

Now keep your darn crafts out of the bathroom. Shame on you guys, making Hobby Lobby put up a sign to keep merchandise out of the bathroom. Just can’t wait to craft until you get home, can you? You probably take your knitting needles and go knit out back behind Hobby Lobby’s dumpster right after you get out of the store, just to get your crafting kick as soon as possible.


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