Because It’s True

Because It's TrueBecause It’s True

This is my new T-shirt and you know why I bought it? I bought it because I like Labyrinth, but also because it’s true. I am the babe with the power. I’m awesome.

This past week things have picked up for me. I ran four days this past week, which is quite good since I haven’t run in some time. I started again last week. It’s been relaxing and energizing.

This past week held a few other perks. I was actually able to go out with friends several times. I had gluten-free sesame chicken. I had Mexican food. I had a good salad. I had lots of laughs. It’s good to be around other people. I miss other people when I can’t be around them.

I had planned to hang out with a friend on Saturday, but that fell through, no matter, I went and got a massage and went shopping. I ended up with a couple of dresses, a new eye mask for sleeping, some cocoa chai latte mix, and a hazelnut chocolate bar. I’ve also been really into lemon flavored Greek yogurt and granola. It’s the stuff. It’s delicious. Lemon flavored dairy products may not sound awesome, but they totally are.

I’ve been working a lot at my job. This past week there was a bad storm which caused a power outage where I work. Can’t do a whole lot in technology when the power goes out. Well, I was the babe with the power, or lack of it, that day at work. 😉

I spent the week being awesome. My t-shirt is true. I am the babe with the power and maybe next week I’ll be the babe with the power as well.


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