Sick, Single, and Stuck at Home on Valentine’s Day

Sick, Single, and Stuck at Home on Valentine's DaySick, Single, and Stuck at Home on Valentine’s Day

Maybe my heart is icy like this daffodil or maybe I just ran into some bad luck.

I was alone on Valentine’s Day, and sick, and also, stuck at home. That morning, I woke up, felt like junk, then proceeded to throw up. Awesome. I felt absolutely awful. My throat burned all day long. I went back to bed.

I had originally planned to go out shopping on Valentine’s Day, even though I was alone, because stores have some good sales on Valentine’s Day and at least if I had to spend the day alone, I could catch some retail therapy, well, that didn’t happen. The only place I managed to go was the grocery store around the corner to buy myself some orange juice, sprite, and soup. I also got popsicles. My throat still hurt and they helped.

That night, it iced a bit, as you can see from my picture of the sad little daffodil in the ice.

To some of you, it may have been a big deal to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but it honestly wasn’t that big of a deal to me. I was married for some odd years and my Valentine’s Days almost always sucked. Someone hated Valentine’s Day. That someone was not me.

I don’t like the idea of overindulgence on Valentine’s Day. I don’t need big fancy dinners or tons of roses or a fifty-pound box of chocolates. It’s just nice to spend a little quality time with the person who you love and honestly, presents don’t hurt, but it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Has anybody ever heard of a nice hand-written note, some nice flowers, don’t have to be roses, and some good chocolate? Seriously, nothing fancy. No fancy diamonds. No fancy expensive dinners. Just take a day to celebrate your love, or whatever you want to call it. Watch a movie on the couch and drink sparkling apple cider for crying out loud. It’s not rocket science.

All-in-all, I would rather spend Valentine’s Day alone and sick than know that I had someone who could be celebrating with me, but they chose not to care about it or my feelings.

I wouldn’t say this has been my best Valentine’s Day in the past several years, but it’s probably close.


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