There are Gremlins in the Works

There are Gremlins in the WorksThere are Gremlins in the Works

Sometimes when something goes wrong, inexplicably, I say that maybe a gremlin got into it. If the copier isn’t working–maybe a gremlin’s in there. If some wiring isn’t working, maybe a gremlin messed with it. Gremlins can explain all manner of ills in life and that way you’re not pointing fingers at anyone person or animal.

For example, if you have three dogs and you came home to find an awful mess, you could always say, “Some gremlins must have been in the house,” instead of saying, “Yep, it was Fido, I can tell by that guilty look on his face.”

Gremlins get into my life from time to time. Gremlins put cat toys all over my floor. Gremlins clogged the sink drain. Gremlins made a branch fall on the roof. Gremlins put ice on my driveway. Yep, lots of gremlins in my life.

Gremlins–they’re just everywhere.


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