The Curious Case of the Missing Cucumber Salad

The Curious Case of the Missing Cucumber SaladThe Curious Case of the Missing Cucumber Salad

This past week was Thanksgiving, as we all know. I got off work early that day and drove down the Georgia, rabbit in tow because I haven’t found a place for him yet.

Thursday, the day of, I went over to my grandmother’s house, where we have our holidays now, and helped her cook and clean. She made multiple pies, turkey, ham, green beans, several casseroles, stuffing, and more. That’s not counting the stuff my mother made, or my cousin. There was a lot of food, we could have fed an entire homeless shelter, but in our defense, we did have quite a few people there.

My grandparents built an entire building outside for people to sit in during family gatherings. That’s how many people come to our events; they can’t fit in the house.

At one point, there was a search for a cucumber salad. It had been in the fridge, and then it wasn’t there. I looked. Imagine this fridge with me, it’s an older fridge with the fridge part on bottom and freezer on top; it’s seen better days. Some of the shelves are broken. It’s full of pies and random things my grandmother has. Leftover food, cheese in Ziploc bags, bacon in Ziploc bags, condiments–you catch my drift.

I couldn’t find it. I moved the pies around. I moved the milk. I moved various items of indeterminable composition. I could not find the cucumber salad.

I asked what it was in. My grandmother told me it was in a round container about a couple of inches high. There was no round container of cucumber salad in the fridge. I had to give up because there just wasn’t anywhere for it to be.

My mom looked, she couldn’t find it.

My aunt looked, she couldn’t find it.

My uncle also looked, he said that he might succeed where others had failed. My uncle is 6’3″ and rather pleased with himself most of the time. Let’s say he was overly confident. He didn’t find the cucumber salad. None of us did, at least not in the fridge.

As it turns out, half the family looked inside of the fridge for the cucumber salad, but it was already out waiting to be eaten. I admit, I must have put it there, because I was the one getting food out of the fridge, but I don’t remember getting it out. So the case of the missing cucumber salad was solved and probably also my fault.

The food was delicious, as always. My family is full of good cooks. My granny can make pies appear like magicians make coins appear. You’ll be at my granny’s house and all of a sudden she’ll ask, “Do you want some pie?”

You’ll ask, “What pie?”

This homemade apple pie will appear out of nowhere and she’ll say, “This apple pie. I made it this morning.”

This is all very impressive because my granny isn’t in the best of health. She still manages to make a ton of food though.

The next day, I got up at five in the morning because my mother wanted to go Black Friday shopping. We went to Home Depot, but only after some difficulty. We didn’t leave as early as we should have, then my step-dad calls my mom and says his work truck is dead. Why he couldn’t have figured this out sooner is beyond me. So we had to drive all the way back to the house for him to use the jumper cables to jump the truck. He also didn’t have jumper cables in the truck, nor did he have a small battery to jump it from, which would seem like a reasonable thing to have in a work truck, but I don’t make the rules.

So we go to Home Depot, eventually, and my mom wants to buy a Christmas tree. They’re only 20% off, which is not an amount I would say is reasonable for getting up at five in the morning for. The Christmas tree she wants isn’t there, so she opts for a model with large pine cone shaped LED lights. The tree has an app. You can download it on your phone. The Christmas tree has Bluetooth.

I helped my youngest brother set the tree up in the living room. We figured out how the cords and pieces went together, but then we had to download the app. As it turns out, a person can change the color of the lights from the app, play music through the tree speaker(yes, the tree has a speaker), and change the patterns of the lights. You’re also supposed to be able to speak through the phone, to the tree, and the lights will blink and change colors with each syllable you say.

Well, that part of it doesn’t work out so well. My brother and I yelled at the tree for a bit because it wasn’t listening. The first time it decided to work I shouted, “HEY!” and the tree blinked red. All the lights turned red. My voice came out through the speaker underneath the tree and the whole thing was fiery red.

My brother said he thought the tree could sense emotions.

We finished playing with the tree, but the cats were not finished playing with the box. They decided that the tree box was the most interesting thing in the world. Darth Vader Cat and Nestle are pictured in the box at the beginning of this post. Darth Vader was especially interested in the box.

After several days of family, it was time to go back to my house. I love my family, but enough is enough at some point. I had just gone with them to the movies and the drive back was exhausting because of their attitudes and bickering, plus the fact that we had a very disappointing meal from Wendy’s. Who doesn’t salt the fries? They’re supposed to be salty.

When we got back to the house after the movie, I packed up my stuff, and the rabbit, and left. I was still driving my mom’s car at this point–the visor of the car kept trying to attack me. I was tired, I admit, but the roads were fairly clear, except for one strange stretch of road outside of Toccoa and Lavonia, for some reason, there were quite a few cars traveling there.

I ended up turning up Christmas Carols really loud to keep me awake, I also bought a Red Bull and Reeses in Cornelia for a bit of a pick-me-up. Part of the time, I sang along with the Christmas music, and part of the time I didn’t. I finally made it back to my house though and I was mightily relieved. The cat was also terribly glad to see me as I had left her at the house. She was provided for, don’t worry.

Once again, I enjoyed visiting my family and going on a mystery search for cucumber salad, but I am also glad to be back at my own house.


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