Snowed-In Alone

Snowed-In Alone
Where are all the people? There are none.

Snowed-In Alone

As you may know, the east coast of the United States has been hit by a snowstorm. I got snow. I got the most snow I’ve seen in years. I got a day off of work because of the snow, but all this means I’ve had to stay home…let me tell you something–being snowed-in, by yourself, is boring, with a capital B.

I’ve done so much trying to stay occupied. I checked out the snow. It’s deep for snow in South Carolina. I’ve texted friends, a lot. They’re probably tired of me. I’ve read books, not one, not two, but several. I’ve started a video game. I’ve tried cooking. Despite doing the things I’ve been doing to stay occupied, I’ve still had a lot of time to think.

I don’t like being alone during something like this. Invariably when something like this comes around, a person compares it to other times it’s happened. In the past, when I’ve been snowed in, I’ve had people around. The last time I got snowed-in, I was still married, perhaps not happily, but I was in an active relationship.

The last time I got snowed-in, it was only for a day and I was able to spend the evening eating snacks and playing video games with my husband. It wasn’t the most stellar night as the ex got to be where he was perpetually in a foul mood, but I still got to spend the time with somebody.

I’ve been alone this entire snowed-in period and it sucks. I’ve found things to do, but doing things isn’t really a substitute for human contact. Sure, I’ve texted friends, about to death, but there is really something about actual human contact that makes all the difference.

I may live alone, but I go to work during the week and I see people there and I talk to them. On the weekends, I will go out with friends and do various things. I’ll go shopping. I’ll go out to eat. I’ll go see a movie. I’ll do a variety of things with other people. Honestly, it makes all the difference.

I used to say that if it was somehow established that I would never marry, I was going to go live in the woods, in a cottage, with a hundred mentally disabled cats and a three-legged llama. My house was going to be made out of candy. I was going to be an eccentric art professor. There was also going to be a man named Sven who chopped the wood, which is strange, because there’s not a fireplace. I added Sven later, probably realizing that living out in the woods by myself would suck, even if my house was made out of candy.

I may be an introvert, as a rule, but I don’t like alone. I like people. I like people a lot.

Go away winter. I don’t think I can take another snow weekend by my-freaking-self.


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