I Did Not Scalp a Herd of Babushkas

I Did Not Scalp a Herd of BabushkasI Did Not Scalp a Herd of Babushkas

I promise.

I really did not scalp a herd of babushkas…even though it looks that way.

I drove home early this morning from my family’s house in order to get back to my own house. It’s always a relief to come back home.

My family’s house is rather chaotic and cluttered. I came right home and started putting my stuff away. I put my laundry in the washer. I got all my stuff out of the car. I tried to straighten up the house. I looked around my room and just decided that I needed to organize some more. I had bandanas and head scarfs laying all over my room. Time for a solution.

I went to Lowe’s for my project. I had some thin curtain rods in my house that have just been sitting around for a few months. They were the perfect hanging place for my bandanas, of which I have quite a few. I needed something to hang up the rods and I also needed something to hang the bandanas from on the rod.

I Did Not Scalp a Herd of BabushkasI used mug hooks to hang the rods and curtain clip rings to hold the bandanas. The curtain clip rings come in a pack of fourteen at Lowe’s, they’re with the curtain stuff. The mug hooks are with the hardware.

While I was there, I also bought myself a drill. Everyone should have a power drill. It’s freaking great. There’s my new drill. Great huh? It drills through things and can screw in screws.

The end result of what I got is a brand-new bandana hanging system. I bought four sets of 14 ring clips, and I only have a few clips left over. Obviously I have a thing for bandanas and head scarfs.

I just don’t like clutter and I try to organize it whenever I can. Thinking up stuff like this is probably just a result of being in a chaotic house for several days, but it helps me feel better and solves a solution. Maybe it’s a new form of therapy.


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