Bad Business

Bad BusinessBad Business

A friend and I went to Asheville, North Carolina to wander around downtown. The weather was nice. The day was nice. It wasn’t too crowded, although we did hit a walk for Alzheimer’s Disease when we first got into town. We poked into neat little shops, many of which smelled of Patchouli. There were hand-made soaps. There were hippie clothes, that I don’t see anyone in anywhere, ever. There were lots of little restaurants. There were musicians on the street corners and there were people dressed as pirates on a scavenger hunt. The day was nice.

The day was nice until we got to a particular little shop. That shop is called Celtic Way. My friend and I both have some Celtic heritage and we’re also both somewhat Anglophiles. We wanted to go in and check this shop out.

That’s easier said than done. Upon walking into the shop, the entire thing is blocked off by a table. It’s dimly lit and looks a bit old fashioned. A woman pops up out of nowhere. She’s a skinny older woman. All of her hair is pile on her head. She popped up from behind the counter and said, “Can I help you,” but not in a nice manner, in fact, she seems quite rude. A couple came in behind us and were met with the same unhappiness from this woman.

My friend and I turned around and left the shop fairly quickly. If a person is going to block off entry to their store and then be rude to people walking in the door, what’s the point of going in?

I later read Yelp reviews of this shop and it turns out many people have experienced the same kind of rudeness from this woman and she has demanded to know their heritage and has insulted them. That’s not good for business.

I honestly don’t see how she stays in business. Does she sell one kilt a year? Does she wait for one actual Scottish person to walk in the door and buy a kilt before she lets them in? I wonder if Shrek would pass the test; he has a Scottish accent.

This has to be the strangest example of bad business practices I have dealt with, but there are others that tick me off a little.

This is my site, it’s about me; it’s about my opinions and this is my opinion on bad business practices.

  • Asking patrons to lock up their bags or purses or leave them at the front counter
  • Locking the bathroom
  • Constantly being out of stock of items
  • Not providing adequate shopping equipment
  • Price gouging items

These are practices that I consider bad businesses and I will walk out of your store. I will turn my butt around and get in my car and drive somewhere else if you’re doing one of these things. If I go to your store and I have to ask for a key to go to the bathroom, I’m not likely to come back. Got it?



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