Sage is Gone

Sage is GoneSage is Gone

The slightly blurry picture to the left, was my cat. His name was Sage, and I think he’s dead. I got Sage when he was about six weeks old and he had a distinctive “M” on his forehead, as you can see in the picture.

He grew to be a pretty cat. He caught mice and chipmunks outside. He was always very cuddly.

When my maybe ex-husband and I split, he took our dog, which was the dog I picked out, and Sage. At one point, he left me a nasty note that said, “Sage is not your cat.” I hadn’t even seen the cat in weeks.

Not long after this, without telling me, or informing me, my maybe ex-husband, took Sage to the pound, and I just found out about this. He originally told me that Sage had been “given-away” implying that he had found some other home for him, but he hadn’t.

He had taken the cat that I had raised since he was six weeks old, to a pound, that did euthanize animals. So now my cat is probably dead. Maybe someone took him home, but with the amount of animals that go through the facility, and the fact that he was over a year old and male, there is a good chance he was euthanized.

I do not understand how this man could have so little regard for my feelings. He didn’t even try to find a home for Sage. He just carted him off to the pound. He left me a nasty note only to take the cat to a place where he probably died.


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